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Our Programs

Elijah's House, NFP Programs serves youth 13 through 18 years of age

Urban Teen Magazine

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Do you want to be a journalist?

Establish the cornerstones needed to develop a great news story.  Urban Teen Magazine offers youth hands-on job skills and educates them in the field of magazine publishing, journalism and reporting. 

Also available is our Urban Teen Magazine - an online publication.

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Word Choice Cafe

Want to learn to cook? 
We feature baking, cooking and pastry techniques that can easily help you develop these skills.  Our Program focuses on recipes, proper measuring, classic techniques, presentation, working cleanly and safely in the kitchen, and exploring new flavors.

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Bringing Back Community

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“Bringing Back Community” is an Elijah’s House initiative to stop violence in Chicago communities through peaceful activities that encourage positive police and teen interactions.

​.Bringing Back Community is funded by Safe and Peaceful Communities and Sponsored by Afterschool Matters, and Resilience Partners, nfp.

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