Elijah’s House, NFP offers the best after school programs for teens in Chicago and nationwide. 

Elijah's House mission is to encourage and teach the development of job readiness skills to young people age 13 through 24.  We provide after school programs that help teens recognize their potential through skill building hands-on activities that promote job security. Our programs boost social and emotional learning, encourages teens to explore career paths and gain workforce skills giving them a C.L.U.E. (Creativity, Leadership, Unity and Empowerment) experience.

Research indicates the activities children and youth engage in outside of school hours are critical to their overall development, highlighting the need for quality afterschool programs in all communities.  Our vision is that every teenage youth, girl or boy have an education and a job that helps them succeed in life. 


Elijah’s House releases the “C.L.U.E.” (Creativity, Leadership, Unity and Empowerment) in all teens through opportunities that span a lifetime - from preparing to channel their minds to enter the job market to owning a business; from staying in school and completing higher education to obtaining and learning life skills to become a world-changer.


  • Resilience Partners, nfp

  • Kotel Foundation

  • Kelly Hall YMCA

  • HHW School For The Performing Arts

  • After School Matters

  • 11th Chicago Police Department




  • Develop a strong sense of self

  • Form and maintain healthy relationships

  • Develop personal mindsets for success

  • Build essential college and career readiness skills



Elijah's House was established in October, 2003. Our commitment throughout the years, has been devoted to building relationships within Chicago communities by providing character building and life-enhancing programs through youth development for at risk inner city youth.


We have program site locations on the west and south side of Chicago including the Austin, West Humboldt Park and Woodlawn communities.  Soon we hope to have programs in Calumet City and Lansing.


Elijah's House's programs are a means for youth to redirect their behavior, channel their creativity and help develop job skills. Our programs are designed with youth in mind and act as a deterrent to negative influences that affect teens.  


It is important to open up doors of opportunity to provide youth with a wider scope of interests that enabled them to recognize their abilities and talents in ways that help them dream and achieve far more than what they think.   This is why all our programs have become a vehicle that aid youth in developing self confidence, values and morals, moving them towards positive self-expression, creativity, and entrepreneurship and leading positive lives. 

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6437 Harrison
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Program Site:

824 N. Hamlin
Chicago, IL.  60651